How To Get Manpower Service Provider Company Contact Number In Gurgaon?

manpower service provider

What are the manpower services?

Manpower services refer to the provision of human resources or workforce solutions to organizations in need of temporary, permanent, or specialized staff. These services are typically offered by manpower service companies or staffing agencies. The primary aim of manpower services is to help businesses meet their workforce requirements efficiently and effectively. Some common types of manpower services include:

Temporary Staffing: Providing temporary employees to fulfill short-term or seasonal staffing needs. These employees are hired on a contract basis for a specific period or project.

Permanent Staffing: Assisting companies in finding and hiring full-time employees for long-term positions within their organization. This involves sourcing, screening, and selecting candidates who meet the client’s requirements.

Contract Staffing: Supplying specialized or skilled professionals for a specific duration to work on contractual assignments or projects. These professionals are usually employed by the manpower service company but work at the client’s premises.

Executive Search: Conducting executive-level recruitment and talent acquisition for senior management or key leadership positions within an organization. This involves a comprehensive search and selection process to identify top-level candidates.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO): Outsourcing part or all of the recruitment process to a manpower service provider. This includes activities such as sourcing, screening, interviewing, and onboarding of candidates.

Payroll Management: Assisting organizations in managing their payroll processes, including salary calculation, tax deductions, compliance, and disbursement of salaries to employees.

Training and Development: Providing training programs and skill development initiatives to enhance the capabilities and performance of employees. This may include soft skills training, technical training, or industry-specific workshops.

manpower service provider

What are the different types of manpower services?

There are various types of manpower services that cater to different workforce needs and requirements. Here are some of the common types:

Temporary Staffing: Providing temporary workers on a short-term basis to meet fluctuating staffing demands, seasonal workloads, or specific project requirements. This could include roles such as administrative assistants, event staff, warehouse workers, or customer service representatives.

Permanent Staffing: Assisting organizations in finding and hiring full-time employees for long-term positions within their company. This involves sourcing, screening, interviewing, and selecting candidates who match the client’s requirements.

Contract Staffing: Supplying specialized or skilled professionals for a defined period to work on specific projects or assignments. These professionals are typically employed by the manpower service company but work under contract at the client’s location. Examples could include IT consultants, project managers, or engineers.

Executive Search: Conducting targeted searches and recruitment processes to identify and hire top-level executives or senior management positions within organizations. This involves a comprehensive approach to identify qualified candidates with leadership expertise and industry experience.

Outsourced Staffing: Providing complete workforce management solutions by taking over the recruitment, selection, training, and management of a company’s entire workforce. This includes temporary and permanent staff, allowing the client organization to focus on core business activities.

Payroll Services: Managing payroll processes for client companies, including salary calculation, tax deductions, compliance with labor laws, and disbursing salaries to employees. This can help streamline payroll administration and ensure accuracy and timeliness.

Training and Development: Offering training programs and skill development initiatives to enhance the capabilities of employees. This could include soft skills training, technical training, leadership development, or industry-specific workshops.

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What is manpower cost?

Manpower cost refers to the expenses incurred by an organization in relation to its workforce. It includes all the costs associated with hiring, employing, and managing employees within the organization. Manpower costs are a significant component of a company’s overall operational expenses and can have a substantial impact on its financial health.

The manpower cost typically encompasses the following elements:

Employee Compensation: This includes salaries, wages, bonuses, incentives, and other monetary benefits paid to employees for their services. It also incorporates additional compensation components like overtime pay, commissions, or performance-related bonuses.

Employee Benefits: These are non-monetary rewards and benefits provided to employees, such as health insurance, retirement plans, paid time off, allowances, and other perks. Benefits may vary based on factors like employee level, tenure, and company policies.

Payroll Taxes and Contributions: Employers are responsible for contributing to various payroll taxes and social security schemes on behalf of their employees. These may include income tax withholding, social security contributions, unemployment taxes, and healthcare contributions.

Recruitment and Hiring Costs: Expenses incurred during the recruitment and hiring process, including job advertising, background checks, recruitment agency fees, and other related costs.

Training and Development: Costs associated with employee training programs, workshops, seminars, or other learning initiatives aimed at enhancing skills and capabilities.

Employee Support and Administration: Costs involved in employee administration, such as payroll processing, HR management, employee records maintenance, and other administrative overheads.

How To get Manpower Service Company Contact Number In Gurgaon?

To obtain the contact number of a manpower service company in Gurgaon, you can follow the steps below:

Use Online Directories: Utilize online directories such as Justdial, Yellow Pages, or Sulekha. Enter relevant keywords like “manpower service company in Gurgaon” or “staffing agency in Gurgaon” in the search bar. Look for the company name “Perfectshine” in the search results, and you should find their contact number listed in their directory profile.

Visit their Website: Access the website of Perfectshine by entering “” in your web browser. Navigate to their “Contact Us” or “About Us” page, where you are likely to find their contact information, including the phone number and email address you provided.

Social Media Platforms: Search for Perfectshine on social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram. Companies often include their contact information in their social media profiles or posts. Check their “About” or “Contact” sections for the contact details you require.

Local Business Listings: Explore local business directories specific to Gurgaon, such as Gurgaon Bazaar or Gurgaon Online. These platforms often feature contact information for various service providers, including manpower service companies. Look for the listing of Perfectshine and find their contact number within the listing details.

If you have any specific queries or require further assistance, you can directly contact Perfectshine using the contact details you provided: +91-9999-88-5245 (phone number) and (email address).